Lightweight & Powerful Framework

Create your Microsites, Landing pages, Web pages, Applications with Force Framework. Library size of Force Framework is Light weight. Featured with High performance, Accessibility, Optimized Code, onpage SEO, Best practice, Coding standards that loads with Ultra Speed.

Library size of Force Framework is just ~21kb


How Force Framework works

Working with Force Framework is simply easy. Just download the library and create your first template with this basic layout. You can check the more layouts in documentation page.

Minimal layout template Copy the syntax for minimal layout


Products built on Force Framework

Force Framework is tailored with great core features and light weight library. Many products are built on Force Framework as core Front-end tenchnology (HTML/CSS) and this is a proud moment.

Force Framework


Aakshauhini is a Internet company who works creates sofwares and digital products. Team Aakshauhini is behind the creation of Force Framework.

Force Framework


RentPeLelo is a Renting platform (SaaS). Portals like: Admin Dashboards, Reports, Tracking - all these portals are developed on Force Framework.

Force Framework


imgOps is a utility application, allows to compress the images and reduce the size without loosing quality. imgOps SPA is made on Force Framework.

Force Framework


DograsWeblog is a professional website and public portfolio about engineering services built on Force Framework and its amazing plugins library.

Force Framework

Singla Homeopathy

Singla Homeopathy website is about Homeopathy expert. Features like Doctor portal and dashboard are built on Force Framework as core.

Force Framework


Dandvat is a devotional website for the followers of Lord Krishna. Public blog and Admin dashboard - both modules are built on Force Framework.


Contributors of Force Framework

Force Framework is a Opensource framework and contribution here is done by our contributors. Here is list of our contributors.

  • Aakshauhini
  • Nishant Dogra
  • Pratiksha Bhavsar